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Honeymoon brings those very rare moments in the life of a couple when husband and the wife, away from the common din of mundane life, can enjoy the divine happiness together. Most of the times a couple sets out on the honeymoon trip to some secluded place with the intention of escaping from the world. The pristine natural beauty of the place, regal resorts providing royal services and most importantly the company of spouse together make the honeymoon trip an unforgettable experience for the couple. Honeymoon games have their own importance in this entire endeavor of strengthening the bond of love between the two.

I have listed down some of the very exciting honeymoon games here. The list will definitely help the honeymooners spend some of the rare moments of their life together.

  1. Twister:

    Any game which makes you get drenched in laughter together is a good one. The box for this classic game has a spinner and a plastic mat which is marked with different colored circles. You are supposed to spin the dial and move a foot or hand to the colored circle on the floor mat. According to the actual rules, a referee is supposed to spin the spinner. When a couple plays the game, they are supposed to adjust the rules so that the last person has to make the spinner reachable for the opponent. Well, words like opponent and winning seem out of place here, don't they?

  2. A Hot Affair:

    This is indeed an interesting board game for the couples. A Hot Affair contains different cards marked Passionate, Steamy, Intimate or Fantasy. The winner gets an opportunity to decide which of the fantasies to indulge in. Such kind of a game helps a lot in building the romantic atmosphere around the couple and prepares them to indulge into each other.

  3. Lust! Adult Game:

    This is something very exciting! This is the game that encourages fantasy and foreplay. A real adult game indeed! In Lust, the couple is supposed to pick up the 'to do' cards and dissolve in each other. The game is specially designed to arouse the sexual instincts of the couple and thus helps a lot in making your honeymoon a sheer pleasure. honeymoon games

  4. Fantasies:

    This is one of those interesting adult games designed to help a couple indulge into the world of fantasies. In this game there is a deck of cards with role-playing scenarios. There is also a box which includes a blindfold, paddle, feather and small tube of massage lotion. The most interesting fact about the game is that it's you who is to decide the rules of the game.

  5. Life Stories Game:

    This is to know how well you know your spouse. At times it becomes a bit difficult for you to tease out the very personal details about your spouse face to face. Play this game; pry loose some history of your life partner and know a lot about him or her in a very interesting way.

  6. Deluxe Newlywed Game:

    Interestingly, you need another couple to play this game with you. You can call your next door neighbor in the resort you are staying in. If you've know the circa-70s TV reruns, you know this game of "how-well-do-I-really-know-my-partner" is a hoot. Questions ranging from silly to salacious make the game all fun. interesting games for honeymoon

  7. Fan the Flames:

    Many a couple can write about their sexual fantasy than to discuss about it openly. Fan the Flames is a card game which contains blank "wish" cards to do just that. There are "guess cards as well in the box. This is to test how well you know your spouse, and "flame" cards that suggest a reward for guessing correctly.

  8. Bath Salts Game:

    Do you want to spend a lot of time in the tube during your honeymoon? You can have lots of fun in the tub with this romantic gift. The Game has some waterproof game cards offering sexy, funny and intimate ideas for you to share.

Newlywed husband and the wife, who are still trying to know each other, can play these games so that they could come closer mentally before they come closer physically.

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